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We are the UK's leading mobile consultancy and app development agency.

What we do


Our expert team of mobile and digital consultants will help piece together a robust and innovative mobile roadmap for your business. We help clients embrace digital transformation and deliver seamless mobile strategies.


Our expert support team ensures development projects are kept up to date with the most recent Operating System updates and best practices.

B60 has an award winning team of Mobile Consultants who have vast experience developing innovative mobile and digital strategies. We work with clients to answer substantial strategic questions and provide aid and support for internal teams. Our aim is to establish the role mobile plays within a client’s organisation and help define a mobile roadmap for businesses moving forwards.
We help the world’s leading businesses and brands drive growth and attain key objectives through the successful deployment of mobile applications. Our experience spans a wide range of industry sectors and we house a team of highly skilled experts with experience of developing mobile solutions across all major platforms. With vast experience in consumer and enterprise mobile developments, B60 will help develop the right solution for your business.
We offer training for our clients, ensuring the application is deployed successfully across the enterprise and is utilised by users and employees. B60 can be retained as an ongoing partner for clients, providing expert mobile consulting, design or development services, on demand. This is a particularly successful option if an on-going agile roadmap has been identified.


We help businesses and brands leverage the power of mobile and embrace digital transformation through mobile technology. Our award-winning consultants will review your mobile ecosystem and help develop a long-term roadmap for mobile within your organisation. These bespoke strategies will formulate clear objectives and deliver genuine results.


Our lean and agile development process is controlled by a team of experienced project managers through the industry standard Jira platform. They harness the skills of our world-class development team who create cutting edge native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry and wearable devices.


Whether it’s reviewing your app’s analytics or helping you write a compelling App Store description that is optimised for search, we offer a range of services that will help improve your app’s performance. With our specialised app guerilla testing we can also help identify what is and isn’t working for your app qualitatively by speaking to your users directly.


APIs are the entry point for digital transformation and powering cutting edge mobile apps. When considering API strategy as a stand alone project or as part of a larger scope, we match technical capabilities to wider business objectives to ensure a coherent plan is produced that will deliver against all metrics.


Hybrid developments have something of a bad name but the robustness and scalability of these solutions are improving rapidly. During the sales process we will take careful stock of your requirements and will impartially advise whether the cost and time benefits of a hybrid approach are suitable for your project.


Whatever your requirements for the hosting of your application, B60 has you covered. With solutions from Rackspace and AWS prefered, we offer and advise on the level of scalability required, the security your app requires, as well as the location of the hosted data. Get in touch with our support team to find out more.


Our UX experts are on hand to help your business enhance your mobile or digital solution. We offer UX and UI strategy workshops which can be tailored for building out an app from scratch or optimising an existing product. Whichever approach is required, we always start from the analytics and data to ensure tangible results can be returned.


In a similar vein to hybrid developments, cross platform deployment systems are rapidly closing the gap on native developments. While there are still plenty of situations where we would advise a native approach being more suitable, our skills in this area mean we will always present you with a solution that combines cost effectiveness with your end objectives.


Our range of maintenance options span from regular maintenance of the code, ensuring it stays compliant with Apple and Google’s standards, onto iterative development packages where we will independently execute an agreed roadmap. We are happy to advise the best option for your specific requirements in order to deliver the world-class standards you expect from us.


Whether it’s reviewing your app’s analytics or helping you write a compelling App Store description that is optimised for search, we offer a range of services that will help improve your app’s performance. With our specialised app guerilla testing we can also help identify what is and isn’t working for your app qualitatively by speaking to your users directly.


B60’s team of UX and UI experts offer a user-centric approach when designing a cutting-edge application. Our seamless design process comprises of several stages: Discovery, Wireframing and UI Layering. We are flexible to however you want to work in this stage, welcoming either a collaborative or hands off approach whilst also happily working with other third parties.


One of the biggest challenges with apps is staying on top of the new requirements when Apple and Google release the latest versions of iOS and Android. With our OS update preparation service we will use our advanced sneak peak of the requirements to ensure your app is ahead of the curve by being ready before the OS updates are released.


We offer internal team training sessions for organisations looking to improve their agile development methodologies and their ability to rapidly deploy digital projects. Having worked with the likes of Santander and Vodafone, our expert consultants will provide you with the latest digital techniques in order to spearhead mobile and digital transformation internally.


In addition to our world-class front end development team, we also house a host of highly experienced back end developers who work to ensure the APIs provide the robust data streams the app needs. Key to this is our extensive pre-development phase which ensures there are no nasty surprises halfway through the build.


Maintaining long-term user engagement within apps is notoriously difficult with the vast majority of apps only being used once and then abandoned. Thanks to our proprietary SDK, Propel, we can quickly understand how a new or existing app is performing and can advise on how to increase the user engagement through its suite of smart push notification functions.


Our innovation labs are fast, fun and highly effective melting pots for brainstorming what’s possible at the cutting edge. Our proven methodology brings together the specific industry knowledge held within your organisation and the latest developments in what is digitally possible in order to fast track the opportunity identification stage of digital transformation.


Along with APIs into existing/legacy back end systems, our team are happy to build a backend from scratch. Whether your app requires a Content Management System (CMS) built in Java or PHP, our team will ensure the optimal approach is taken when it comes to the backend supporting infrastructure.


Whether you have just the one app or a suite of mobile and digital products, all our consultancy and development services are available on retainer at a reduced rate. Our credits based bank system allows complete visibility of your spend and remaining time allowing B60 to seamlessly operate as your mobile department.

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