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UK's Leading Enterprise App Development Agency

Award-Winning Enterprise App Development

B60 is the UK's Leading Mobile Consultancy and Enterprise App Development Agency. We house an award-winning team of app developers who have worked on projects for some of the world’s leading organisations. We will help develop the right innovative mobile solution for your enterprise.

In-House Enterprise App Developers

We help the world’s leading enterprises drive growth and attain key objectives through the successful deployment of enterprise applications.

Our experience spans a wide range of industry sectors and we house a team of highly skilled iOS, Android and Windows app developers with experience of developing innovative mobile solutions. 

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Brother Enterprise App

By allowing faster reporting and faster decision making by the customer, B60’s Brother sales app has significantly improved conversion rates in the field. This application has now been deployed in 19 Languages around the world, improving efficiency and increasing profits.

Sales reps are now able to process sales and write up new business through their iPad’s ‘always on’ 3/4G link, allowing them to move on to the next opportunity without ‘checking in’ and increasing their overall efficiency.

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Lean and Agile Enterprise App Development

Our lean and agile development process is controlled by a team of experienced project managers through the industry standard Jira platform. They harness the skills of our world-class development team who create cutting edge native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry and wearable devices.

Enterprise Solutions

The development and deployment of an exceptional enterprise application will provide new and exciting opportunities for your organisation. 

We offer full enterprise app consultancy and development services, providing digital inspiration with intelligent business solutions.

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