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Digital Transformation Consulting & Implementation: 

Accelerating Your Digital Transformation 

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Digital Transformation Consultancy & Implementation

At B60, we help some of the worlds leading organisations successfully drive Digital
Transformation, positive disruption and transformational change. We focus on using leading edge digital technology and emerging technologies. Unlike most consultancies, we don't talk theory, we show you how to drive transformation and we put our people inside your organisation to help you through the process. 

PoD - B60's unique operating model

We help the world’s leading businesses and brands drive through successful digital transformation agendas with our unique PoD (People on Demand) model. 

People are at the heart of all successful Digital Transformation and Change Programmes. The challenge with Digital transformation is a People and Culture Challenge and its why B60 developed PoD.

Using Lean Enterprise principles we are able to demonstrate our PoD model in a pilot test with you, a small team embedded in your business at a reasonable starting cost, then help you scale at a rate and pace adapted to your business objectives.

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Santander Case Study

Banking is a market being heavily disrupted by more agile, more lean and entrepreneurial businesses known as challenger banks. A vast enterprise with large amounts of legacy, Santander wanted to radically enhance their digital transformation and change programme, injecting pace and innovation to embrace digital technology across the business and drive radically needed change.

B60 was engaged to run digital transformation workshops at Santander initially engaging executives from core areas of the business. Upon B60’s recommendation, Santander agreed to run a pilot of B60's PoD service within 6 core projects at the bank, demonstrating how PoD can bring about rapid change. The pilot was a great success, demonstrating how quickly key strategic agendas could be delivered and significant cultural change brought about. 

B60 has teams deployed across several core areas of the bank across multiple locations working collaboratively. The net results include rapid delivery of solutions, increased employee adoption of change and a scaleable model for driving a Digital Transformation agenda.  

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Driving Change and Transformation

Our lean and agile development process is controlled by a team of experienced implementation specialists used to working in complex and large enterprises to bring about change. Our teams can be placed directly inside your organisation to create a collaborative team. Our people can also transition over to you as part of BAU. 

Training and Development 

Cultural change and new business model adoption is a major part of any transformation programme. As part of B60's service, we provide proven training and development programmes for your internal teams ran by our in-house specialists.

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