“I would highly recommend speaking with B60.”

Dave Peters
Strategic Director
Brother UK

“We have now deployed 3 Apps, in 19 countries around the world. Empowering our sales teams, saving money, and making us more efficient and more profitable.”

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B60 helps mobilise the world’s biggest businesses from around the world

“Here at B60, we believe in delivering a world class service and developing exceptional mobile technologies that will help your enterprise grow. Mobile App Development is changing the way enterprises operate and B60 is at the heart of it.

“We provide expert mobile consulting, app development and ongoing support for enterprises worldwide.”

Chris Williams | Chief Executive Officer | B60

B60 Boosts Brother’s Conversion Rates.

The Challenge

Their motto is to always be ‘At Your Side’ and it drives everything they do as a company. When they came to us struggling to be ‘At Your Side’ we quickly got to work.

The Solution

We worked along side their team to identify the challenges and understand their requirements from the inside out. The technical options and solutions that we provided for their enterprise had a profound outcome...

The Result

Their sales conversion rates were significantly boosted through the newly developed and innovative sales App. This 100 year old company are leading the way and are now clearly back ‘At Your Side’.

“Searching for a Mobile App Development Company that could ‘DO-IT-ALL’ for our Enterprise and provide proof of outstanding results was NOT easy.”

“Then we discovered B60."

“We build partnerships based on TRUST and our reputation for proven results"

“Our aim is to be the mobile partner of choice to enterprises worldwide. B60 has a wealth of expertise developing innovative mobile strategies and exceptional mobile apps across an array of enterprise sectors.

Our award winning mobile strategic consultants and enterprise app developers help businesses drive change through the effective deployment of a world class mobile application.”

Tim Mayneord | Chief Operating Officer | B60

We deliver innovative world class mobile experiences for enterprises

Discover how you can avoid the time consuming pitfalls of Mobile App development so that your enterprise can begin to grow, drive sales and increase efficiency.

Developing a mobile strategy is becoming increasingly important for enterprises as the need for improving internal operations is at an all-time high. Not only will it give your business a competitive advantage, it will enable you to work smarter, faster and more cost effectively.

Mobile application development is changing the way enterprises operate and is opening up unlimited opportunities for business operations. Mobile devices are becoming faster and more powerful and businesses are beginning to take advantage of the key attributes of mobility.

This eBook will provide you with highly sought after tools that will help with the development of your mobile strategy.

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When Lavatech needed B60’s Help to Empower Their Workforce

The Challenge

Lavatech required a solution from B60 that literally integrated and connected their entire colossal workforce via one single App.

The Solution

required a solution from B60 that literally integrated and connected their entire colossal workforce via one single App.

The Result

The mobile app has successfully integrated the Lavatech workforce. This previous difficult problem is now a problem no more thanks to our B60 team working around the clock to deliver this outstanding App.

“I just wanted to take a few minutes to express my amazement and gratitude. You're ability to technically deliver our vision has never failed...”

“and this time it has never been more impressive. I believe the key to this is your combined knowledge to not only solve the problem/challenge technically, but ensure that the UX is not sacrificed...in fact the opposite -enhanced! The ease of working with you all has made our growth and development even more enjoyable.”

Sucheet Amin | Chief Executive Officer | Lavatech Ltd

The question is...

Are you ready for the mobility revolution?

Answer Yourself These THREE Questions and You’ll Begin to See Why Enterprise Mobility is Essential in the 21st Century.

Question 1

Can you seamlessly connect your mobile workforce to back-end systems for increased productivity?

Question 2

Do you have a mobile app flexible and robust enough to support business objectives and drive efficiency?

Question 3

Are your employees able to keep up with an always-on business world 24/7 connected to customers?

Some of the biggest benefits our Enterprise customers are experiencing within their business since working with B60:
  • Increased employee efficiency
  • Increased sales opportunities
  • Up to date company information
  • Sales conversion rates improved
  • Boost worker productivity
  • Help achieve company objectives
Not only has their Mobile App benefited their business; it has also made life much easier for their employees too. These benefits include:
  • Easy access to their inventory.
  • Up to date info with latest events, launches, offers etc.
  • One touch access to their contact information.
  • Directions to their location.
  • Make fast, seamless appointment scheduling.
  • Mobile deployed to channel partners.

These intelligent companies have improved performance and reached new levels of efficiency and profitability. They now:


with better access to their company and customer data and the web.


by closing business more quickly.


with ‘always on’ 3G/4G connection access to central systems and the internet, anytime.

Manage, Monitor
and Update

sales collateral from device to device or across their entire sales team.

Drive Down

for print production, warehousing and distribution by publishing content digitally.

“Our goal has always been to be transparent and from the outset. Why? Because it’s what our partners requested."

“The most satisfying part of our business is seeing your face when we do the big switch on and it works first time. It’s so fulfilling and it’s what drives me to keep progressing everyday"

Pete Gatenby | Senior Strategic Consultant | B60

We are very proud of our partners for putting their trust in us here at B60.

Some of the biggest names in Enterprise choose us as their preferred Mobile Application Provider.

Make Your Mobile Application Development EASY!

B60 helps mobilise the world’s biggest businesses from around the world

We mainly work with enterprise level businesses.
Our partners choose us primarily for TWO main reasons and it’s these...

Our Mobile Application Solutions help grow your business and greatly improve your efficiency.

It’s this simple.

We are more than just an App developer.

Here at B60 we are a mobile agency that houses a team of experts across all the key disciplines that make your mobile solution such a powerful and potent business tool for growth.

From technical development and user experience (UX) design, to project management and strategic marketing to determine exactly what role mobile will play within your business. We are focused on delivering outstanding mobile solutions into your enterprise.

Want to discover how B60 can deliver an effective mobile solution that will help your enterprise grow and improve efficiency?

Find out the role mobile could play for your enterprise!

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